Games that should be added to the Arcade on Xbox Marketplace

I think a few games that should be added to the Xbox marketplace are Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. I, personally, just got off the phone with Xbox support ( a 40 minute conversation) and the games aren't compatible with the Xbox 360 slim even with the hard drive in the Xbox. Both of these games were amazing as a kid on the PS2 and I would really like to see these games on the marketplace. I personally want an Xbox Exec. to see this and make that possible. That would mean so much if these games were to be put onto the marketplace and other gamers would probably appreciate it too. I know one of my friends enjoys every Sonic game just as I do. So, thanks for taking your time to read this!


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Really,  40 minuets with support?  Maybe SEGA could be contacted about this issue instead.  Many Sonic titles are available through XBLA and a whole new Generation of gaming is coming soon.  GOOD LUCK!!!

I tried contacting SEGA about the issue and even going to the website to maybe consult troubleshooting issues with the game, maybe if I was doing something wrong, but the game's website was in Japanese and no other site could offer help based on my situation. So after all of my attempts to get this game working, I called Xbox Support (and, 40 min later), to find out the software is incompatible. All in all, this is why I am trying to get those two games on the XBL Marketplace and hoping an Xbox Exec. reads this.

And yes, I realize there are many other Sonic title games through the market, and though I have played them all already, I still play them over and over. But, the nostalgic memories of 12 individual characters in Sonic Heroes, 4 teams, and 1 great campaign, made me get the game and the hard drive that "supposedly" makes these games compatible. But, alas, after looking on the list of original compatible games, the game doesn't work! :'(

Thanks for the support BongKaos, really appreciate the help and support in trying to get a game on the marketplace!