games r on the marketplace but not available for purchase

i would like to purchase games off the marketplace but when i find a game i want to buy,its unavailable to buy and yet they have like trailers or some sort of add-ons to purchase but not the game lol? i dont understand why if some1 cud clarify that for me,would be great.thnx.


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They may not be available in your region,or they could be having issues with a certain game and have took it off sale for a while.

well thats lame lol thnx anyways

Some of the titles you'll find are just advertisements, or may have a demo of a game that is at retail, but not actually available on the marketplace.

Not all titles are available for Games on Demand, many are only available at retail outlets on physical discs. They add SOME games to games on demand months after release but a good majority are not added as direct downloads.

also, some XBLA games (like the dragon-based kinect game) show the game, but it's just inputed in to show box-art and the trailer for the game.  Sooo, some of these titles are "as-yet-to-be-released".

wish assassins creed 3 were available on demand...