Games get bad reputation again.. Crazy guy beats girlfriend with Xbox 360 and stabs her to death


The Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reported this week that cops in Broward County, Fla. found a "broken and bloody Xbox 360," next to the body of Monica Gooden, 20. Her boyfriend, Darrius Johnson, apparently admitted killing her, but it gets a lot weirder.

Johnson said he "sacrificed" her, that Gooden "had control of his spirit," and that he had to sacrifice someone with a Taurus astrological sign. Gooden was not born under that sign, incidentally. Three knives were found at the scene, a more likely cause of Gooden's death though, who knows.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that Gooden "did not have defensive wounds on her hands," indicating that a ritual stabbing may have taken place while she was overpowered—or after being beaten unconscious by an Xbox 360.

A police report said Johnson told cops Gooden "would not die" and that he "fought her like he was fighting a dragon." Johnson is being held without bail in the Broward County jail.

Slain Lauderhill woman's boyfriend tells police he 'sacrificed' her [Sun-Sentinel][/quote]



This is no laughing matter, this psycho killed his girlfriend and he'll probably plead for "mental issues". Death penalty to him is what he deserves!


Rest in peace, Gooden.


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This is quite sad and weird and I don't doubt he has mental issues. Killing him isn't right though, it makes us no better than him. He needs help, not a needle to the arm or a few thousand volts. Legalized murder is still murder.

Again, the "video game crime" was perpetrated by someone who has mental issues. Issues that are probably deep enough they were there before the xbox.  (He should have used a PS3...heavier)

I thought it was going to say he had to sacrifice the Xbox. But anyway, terrible stuff.

Dam that so sad poor girl this disgusts so much , Karma is a B*** wait t'ill you get in jail your turn coming for good !!

Well, technically it wasnt a game that is being blamed, or the console itself that was used as the murder weapon. Seeing as how this guy is all into astrology and is mentally insane appearently, maybe the game focus wont be so hard on this case.


Sucks though, cute girl too...Why was she ever with a loser like him in the first place. And since he is in Florida, hopefully he will get the Death Penalty.

Think you've misinterpreted the story here, OP. This girl wasn't killed by a loon who went crazy because of games, this girl was killed by a crazy loon with the only tie between the murder & gaming is that he used the X360 to beat her to death with it.

A terribly unfortunate incident nonetheless.

Damn im from Florida miami to be exact that is just terrible. But the guy clearly has a mental problem "i fought her like a dragon "no sane person would have did this. So tragic !

Kinda Mental...Nothing to do with games though seems its just he used the most convenient weapon of choice happened to be an Xbox 360? Yup something just weird.

I don't really see this as giving "Games a bad reputation."  Think of how many people are killed with guns everyday, apparently they haven't yet acquired a "bad reputation" and they have been around a lot longer than Xbox 360.  Sad story as it is, I am still over the idea of people trying to blame their own problems on my hobby.