Games for Windows Achievements not appearing on other devices

This is quite a long winded problem and request but I'll try my best to explain it well enough.

I've been playing Dark Souls on Games for Windows but after earning a couple of achievements, the achievements have stopped counting towards my Gamerscore on other devices such as the Xbox website, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

My Gamerscore is only updated on the Games for Windows interface accessed while playing the game, meaning the regular Games for Windows computer application/program still states my old Gamerscore.

On the majority of devices my Gamerscore reads 77969, saying I have only unlocked 2 achievements for Dark Souls. While on the Games for Windows interface while playing Dark Souls reads 77984 with 3 achievements unlocked. Meaning the the achievements I'm unlocking on Dark Souls are only contributing to a Gamerscore only visible to myself, only while playing the game.

I contacted customer support and they sent me to the forums to get in contact with the Enforcement Team. Hopefully you'll be able to resolve my problem and have my achievements show to on all devices.


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Unfortunately once again Support has told a customer incorrect information.

The Enforcement Team don't view this section of the forum and the two boards they do view are only to enquire about bans and suspensions.

The PC technical Help section is also pretty much a waste land with only a handful of fellow forum users helping people out.

Are you having the issue with any other GFWL titles? My thought is that your profile isn't syncing correctly and the only solution I know for that is to download and recover it. Sadly though that would mean losing any of the achievements that aren't showing up here.

Microsoft have pretty much given up on GFWL now. The official marketplace for it no longer exists and a quickly pulled article on said that support for GFWL would be stopping completely in July this year.

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vote has provided you with the correct information. My advice would be to go ahead and create a thread in the link that has been provided to you. Hopefully you find the answers you are looking for in there.


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Thanks Votemarvel, I'll post another thread on that link. But your solution seems interesting.

I only have Dark Souls on GFW so I wouldn't know if it was happening on any other games. Do you mean I would lose the achievements that aren't showing up on my other devices? Because that's only one achievement so far and it wouldn't be a problem to get it again. So how would I go about download and recovering my GFW account when I'm only having to use it while I play the game?

Right ok, I deleted my GFW account of re-downloaded it, re-achieved the achievement and once again it only updated on the GFW interface while playing Dark Souls, keeping my Gamerscore on all other devices 15G lower.

Because Microsoft are binning GFW do you think that means all achievements gained on it now don't contribute to anything else?

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Please post in the link provided to get better support for your question. I hope your question is resolved soon


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