Games for the final stretch..

I reached level 100 in GTA online recently, so I've been playing less and less , but I was really hoping for World of Tanks XBLA to carry me over the finish line, but looks like that wont be coming anytime soon, I wont be buying any multi platform games like CoD ghost , AC4 ,BF4 and so on, because I would prefer next gen versions only,

so Im in need of at least one more game to get me through till Nov 22nd, I was thinking Batman Origins ...


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Why not Cod? New Squads not doing it for you?

Aim to get cod, but on X1, need a game to help pass time until then!!

World of Tanks would have been perfect.

Ever tried Sniper Elite V2? Quality game that never gets mentioned. That'll get you to Nov 22nd if you play properly on realistic difficulty and you find all the wine bottles and Gold bars.

Civ Revolution

Fresh air


halo 3 is free for another few days.

Red Dead Redemption.  Far Cry 3.  Borderlands 1/2.  6000 Gamerscore, I'm assuming you missed one of these classics.

I just downloaded minecraft for the first time 2 weeks ago, $20 to carry me over for a month? Worth it!