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I just read up on these. Great news for those that love the indy scene.

I heard about this. I got excited for a sec, but then I found out they were indie games. Oh well. That's good for people who are in to that kind of thing, I guess.

Listed likes what he see's!

But wait for it....

Edit: lol nm too late here comes the oh they are just indie games comments already.

I'm not really into indie games too much, but interested in checking out Contrast, and one or two of the puzzle games.

People like products from company's they have heard of. That will hurt the independent market here.

Un fortunately for users they will miss out on extremely fun games that dont have higher up breathing down the developers to create something they do not want.

Xbox360 seen the release of hundreds of amazing Independent Titles.

The ones that come to my mind first! Ezmuse ham edition, EzMuse + 2.0, Create Your Own Music, Shark Attack DeathMatch, CastleMiner Z, MurderMiners, and so so many more!

Indie games are like a slap in the face to hard core gamers. <--- Yes, I said it. :P

I can't help but find it amusing when people try to tell me what I like. You like indie games? You have lots of fun? Well that's fantastic. I hope your enjoy yourself until your thumbs bleed. But don't try to feed me that "missing out" crap. I'm not missing out on anything. I'm not new here. I know what I like and what I don't. Don't impose your personal taste on me with the belief that just because you enjoy it, I would too.

Yes you did say it. Preach it to the world cause your wrong. These developers are hardcore gamers.

Making games with no holds barred on their idea. There is nothing more hardcore than going all in on your own and hoping to come out on top.

Guess none of you watched the struggles of Indie dev's from Super Meat Boy, And Fez. Even though these two titles got published as Arcade Games it is the same context.

@Sword, no one is trying to tell you what you like. I am simply Debating the fact you discredit these games without even trying them.

You say things like slap in the face to hard core gamers or then i read they are only Indie games.

I mean you yourself said you were excited for them "UNTIL" you read they were just Indie Games.

You discrediting them before they are in your hands is where my problem lies.

That is a slap in the face to the gamers that make these games!

Nothing I'm excited for. Need that Earthlock: Festival of Magic and Cosmic Star Heroine turn based RPGs to come out. Oh and Mighty No. 9 too.

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