Gamertags are refusing to switch emails despite calling tech support.

Hopefully this is the right area to post this, apologies if it isn't.

Okay, so where do I begin? Alright, When I first got an Xbox 360 account many years ago as a young excited kid, I messed up on the 'enter hotmail email' screen signing in to Xbox Live and instead of putting (.com) at the end of my email. I accidentally typed (.con) and it somehow created a new hotmail account with that address, when my 360Red Ringed. I got another one a while later and thinking I can recover my beloved account,  I inadvertently created this account  thinking it somehow deleted my long used gamertag. So now I have two different Gamertags from two different accounts  and the one with the wrong email address is the one I want to go to my right email. I just got an Xbox one and want to be able to receive notifications for the account, I have called tech support numerous times (each call taking 4 hours each time and each technician basically telling me to try calling them again later) and am almost able to change it, but for some reason it doesn't let me because this account pops up with an error message that  I 'need a parent or guardian to enter their password in order to proceed'. Thing is, I'm 23 and have this set up as an adult account.

This is very frustrating, All I want to do is switch my two accounts and nothing I've done has helped me, not even IT.

TL;DR: I'm trying to switch this Gamertag with another gamertag  that technically isn't supposed to exist due to an invalid .com address and the account I'm using to type up this email won't let me switch with any gamertag at all because it still thins I'm a kid and wants a password from a parent or guardian.


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