Gamertag on Old and New Consoles

I've been wondering for a while how using the Gamertag will work on the Xbox One if someone is still planning on using an Xbox 360. Am I going to have to move my Profile to a USB Drive and plug it into each console when I want to use it on that console? Or will it possibly work similar to Windows/Xbox 360 where you have the same but separate Profiles on each that can update as needed separately?


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You will be able to access your profile on both consoles easily, even at the same time. Microsoft does this with many of their other services, like with Messenger, for example. Whenever I'm signed in on my PC, but I turn on my Xbox 360, a message will pop up to tell me that I'm also signed in through Messenger on other devices. I imagine it will work the same way. However, certain features that your profile may have access to that are available on the Xbox One will not be compatible with your profile on the Xbox 360 for obvious technical reasons...

M implies you can use your gamertag on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One whenever you want. But what will this mean for your friends list. Can you have 1,000 on your friends list when the 360 has only been able to do 100 max. There was a system Xbox Live Update which released yesterday or the day before, and since I downloaded it, when I go to preferences and online status, it only says Xbox Live. There's no Messenger. Before the Update, Messenger was always there.

Currently you can have your GT on 2 360s at once although you can't be logged into both 360s at the same time with the same GT. like above stated, you can be logged into your 360 and your Xbox one at the same time and have your profile on both consoles with out having to transfer/ download your GT every time you switch consoles.