Gamertag offensive ?

So i've been wanting to change me name for a while and I finally thought of a gamertag called Some Ting Wong, I was going to change my name to it until a freind of mine told me that some people may find it offensive, although I really cant see why. I thought id get some other peoples opinions of it before I change it to anything. Thanks.


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I personally don't see any problem...

SomeTingWong is like SomeThingWrong but in a offensive way. I would not do it.

I highly doubt the XBLPET would find it offensive.  If someone files a complaint against you, they may put it as a "Reasonable" complaint, but no enforcement would be issued.  Reasonable complaint is pretty much them saying "We can see WHY you filed the complaint, but it doesn't violate the CoC."  


Either way, I'm not the XBLPET, so I would go with THEOWENKILLER's advice. :)

Thanks for replying, i'll change it to something else.

If you even have the slightest doubt,don`t change it.

If you are given a forced name change later on you will lose your ambassador status.