I would like to change my gamertag, my name is Tristan and my gamertag now is taken on youtube. So..if I decided to record on youtube, then I wouldn't know what to name the channel. I would like a random and catchy name without x's and stuff like that. Like how did you come up with your gamertag? Anything short and easy to remember or look at? Please help :)

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How about BeastyBurns? After all, it has no Xx or any l33t in it.

I would but it's used on youtube.

Just make a variation of it on youtube, you don't have to be the BeastyBurns on youtube. You could be something like BeastyBurns'games or whatever! Save yourself the ms points.

You could always use a space. Youtube added that.

No suggestions, I used to have the gt of a model and a serial killer, now after drinking too much Saturday night I end up with this :) I think all of the meaningful ones have gone, you just need to be creative as no-one pasy attention to the Auto generated MS ones

I would suggest doing BeastyBurns and then whatever your channel is related to i.e if it's blackops then BOBeatyBurns or BeastyBurnsBO or something like that. (I am not saying you syink by the way lol