Gamertag ForForce Change

Someome from the support team to come here to get my gamertag changed becuase I have the same name as I have in my gamertag .. Who does this and can I have one ..


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Then why does your profile say your name is Corey? Kinda sounds more like you're just trying to get a free gamertag change.

If you want to change your gamertag then you can do it through the console by paying $10.

Your parents named you tygatitan04????

OP scamming for a free gamertag change.  Trollage...

What ? I'm not scamming lol

So your real name is TygaTitan04 is it?  You only get a forced name change if your gamertag is against the code of conduct,which yours is not.You must pay like everyone else if you want to change it.

No . You don't know my REAL NAME .

Well face it nobody is going to change your gamertag at all. How hard is it to simply add your credit card information to your account and pay for a new gamertag...

Create a new account and you will get a free gamertag change for the new profile that way you might feel you got something for free, or maybe get a Job to pay for live services etc instead of trying to get stuff for free or just move over to PS3. Have a nice day