gamertag bashing.

I am constantly bashed online for the area code in my gamertag. Gamers are constantly harassing me based on the reputation of my city, i'd like to get a change of name asap. Ive already talked to an xbox representative and he supports my claim. The reference number is [Mod Removed] thank you.


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There are no free changes.

You are not allowed to post reference numbers on the forums.

You only get a free name change if your gamertag violates the code of conduct,which yours does not so you will have to pay like everyone else.

Here's some tips on how to deal with harassment on live:

And until you mention it, I would not think the number was area code. Pay the $10 to change it, or ignore the critters.

408 > 209 all day every day mang!

Maybe you need to move to a more appealing area code so that you can stop the harassment.   303 is a good one...Colorado.