Gamerscore Problems.

With the recent gamerscore reset problem I thought I would adress this issue. So there is this pc game called tinker and I have had problems with unlocking an achievement called knowlege is power. For the last two years every time I unlocked the achievement the achievement it would just lock itself right after. Originally I thought that this was a problem with the game, and I didnt expect a patch for a free game. A couple weeks ago I attempted the achievement again and to my surprise it stuck on my profile. Shortly after I saw the achievement saying it unlocked in the year 1752, so I still thought that it was glitched. So I went on my xbox profile and to my surprise the achievement was there, saddly with the same unlock date as the pc. Then I realized I was the only one that could see the achievement and none of my friends could see it on my gamertag. This let me to believe this is a server issue on xbl not the game tinkers fault. So I deleted my profile off of my xbox a tried recovering it agian and the achievement was still on my profile but no one could see it. So then I tried recover my acount on two of my other xboxs that never had my gamertag on it and what do you know the achievement was there same date and no one could see it. So does anyone know how I can fix this?


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