Gamerscore Issue?

I just asked a friend of mine on Xbox to click on my gamer card and tell me what number he saw on as my current gamerscore. He told me... 63,344. If I click the guide button though and scroll over to 'Games' it shows my gamerscore to be 63,464. Seems to be missing the recent Battlefield 3 achievements I got today. Any word on why this is happening or what can be done to make it correct?


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You may not have been connected or offline when you got the achievements. Or you might have been signed in as someone else. That is unfortunate to hear.

I do believe I was online while doing this since I was talking to friends... And I dont know who else I would have signed in as considering there is only 1 account on my Xbox... Its not just happening to me either its many people, friends and random players alike.

Mine here shows 105 less what my 360 shows. For whatever reason, it takes time to update and I stopped playing almost an hour ago.

I actually had my GS update right away on the forums last night, then today it wiped out all 145GS. Its cause probably has to do with the XBL servers and MS trying to push out that beta

hmm i never thought to look at that before i always assumed it would be correct.. but mine on is showing 20 less than what it is on my 360 too..

It happened to me about a week or so ago too. It corrected itself. I think there is issues with some of the servers lately. Not sure. But yeah give it a bit. See if it matches back up in a little bit.

Yeah mines messed up today too.. On my card on here it says 170722, on my xbox its 171217, I got a friend to check, and if he just looks at it it says 170722, but if he compares games it actually gives me more points than i have 171237?? I haven't unlocked anything for 2 days, and been online for both days, yet it hasn't corrected itself on here or to friends over xbox

Im having the same problem.

Deacon (Blade) MVP psted this on another thread. "...currently Microsoft is working to fix the issue .. check here for status > "

Thanks Chickin