Gamerscore fluctuations

Hi all,

I've noticed the past couple of days that my gamerscore has been going up and down.

On my WP7 device, its reads in my list of achievements that my total is 78854, but it currently reads 78704 here and on the main profile page of WP7. I left my Xbox last night with a total score of 78854, so I'm wondering what is going on.

I've searched for this on the forums and found one other person having similar problems, but no official answer from MS.


Is anyone else having problems?


Any answers MS?


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I too just realised I am experiencing this. Anyone know if there is a fix in the works? Our consoles show the correct gamerscore and if friends look they too see the correct one. But here on the forums it's not. Is this like this for everyone else too?

It's like this for everyone, the servers have been glitchy for a week or so. On my main my gamer picture keeps switching to my previous one. And my gamerscore changes too.

Windows Phone 7. Its a phone running Windows 7 Mobile.

my gamersore on is 10 points lower than on my console.

what's a WP7?

I'm having the same problem on my WP7 and on I think everyone's going through it. I upgraded to Mango a few weeks ago and it has nothing to do with it.

I'm also a WP7 user, and I too have noticed over the last few days a fluctuating gamerscore... I'm also on Mango but, I doubt that has anything to do with it. Like you, I'm not sure what to do about it either... hopefully it resolves it's self though.

I've noticed that both my 360, and the total on the achievements section of my WP7 device are correct... everything else though is out.

I recently updated my WP7 with the Mango update and today the phone corrupted and I lost various data. Maybe that and the updated Xbox Live app has something to do with it? (Just clutching at straws here really). gamerscore doesn't match up either! weird.....

Now its down to 78634....