gamer tag . issue not fair not right

ive had my gamer tag for years ive been a fan of microsoft for years. ive never had a issue with my gamertag. being what it is ive never caused any players online any promblems. and just cause my gamer tag has balls in it people assume im breaking code of conduct rules. i play alot of sports games. im sure not trying to nasty or rude to anyone. i wanted to pick a cool gamertag thats it. and now that i dont have it people talking about me. i pay my money to enjoy games and never had a issue wit my gamertag being MYxBALLSxYHEAVY its not right to be apart of microsoft and be treated like that. people can not go off what they think and assume a person is being rude. nasty.not everyone is is bad person thank you for reading this and hope something can be done about. it i love xbox and all its supporters and custormer service agents. i dont want to leave microsoft. but i never really tried sony cause ive a microsoft guy for so long. but sense this happend and i cant be proud to repersent what i like as a gamertag then maybe sony wont mind. THANKS XBOX FORUMS...





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