Gamefly, Be Warned

So, whenever you pay a company for a service you would expect to receive that service, right?  I have been on the 2 game out at a time plan since September in preparation for Xbox One.  September and October was pretty good I thought,  then came November.  They mailed me a total of 3 games the entire month, their excuse was they was out of stock, though I had close to 30 titles in the Q.  So thats the back story, kinda.  Flash forward to the present.  I sent them back Dead Rising 3 on December 7 and was concerned a few days later when I seen nothing being sent out as usual.  So I contacted them Tuesday asking what the problem was and was told that it can take up to 4 business days for them to receive it.  Okay, whatever, I just took that answer at face value and waited.  Thursday night, the 4th business day nothing was sent out and Dead Rising 3 was still showing as being out.  I contacted them again Friday morning and instead of receiving an exact reason from someone on their support staff instead I receive an auto response informing me that they have not received the game back to the warehouse (which I kinda knew that already) but then the message went on to request that I contact my post office inspector and investigate where the game could be.  Okay, I don't know about you guys but I don't work for Gamefly.  As a customer your only obligation is to seal the game in its envelope and drop it in a mailbox.  The rest is up to the postal service and Gamefly.  However they are pretty much ignoring any emails since yesterday morning and are asking that I look into the problem.  I have no clue what they are thinking as to how I will even find out what happened when there isn't any tracking number or anything like that.  So now more than likely I will be charged the full price value for the game though I have sent it back to them over a week ago now.  So with my experience I would highly advise anyone thinking of getting Gamefly to seek out other options because they really don't care about their customers.  Lesson learned.  Be warned.

****Side note**** I have to give SOME credit to Gamefly, they did manage to get AC4 shipped to me.  Making it the first game I have received the entire month of December and I got it on December 12th. 


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I've been a GF member since the Original Xbox.  Back in those days they had a rather quick turn around service.  Of course that was back before it's rise in popularity.  Now they have a large member base, which may account for the slow service, and most likely does.  Since the popularity of the Xbox One, expect games to be sent out slower.  The other side of the coin is that some games on the 360 might have some freed up availability, so if you have a backlog of games, now might be a good time to play them.

In regards to them not receiving the game, I've had many a game go a week or more before their status was updated.  I would send in a report saying they never received it, at which point they would remove it from my queue and send out the next available game.  


Could it be the postal service has slowed down a bit due to Christmas? Maybe gamefly still hasn't received the game due to package delays. Personally Id rather go rent a game down at the local dvd rental shop like Blockbuster than use a service like Gamefly.

I don't know where you are from Auswolf7, but all movie stores within a 50 mile radius went out of business 2-3 years ago.  Companies like this put the vast majority out of business.  Sadly one of the last video stores closed their doors for the last time a couple of months ago.  Redbox and Gamefly has taken over and unfortunately it isn't a great thing in my opinion.  Sure you get $1.25 movies but I would rather pay $3-4 if that means I can actually get what I'm wanting without all the hassle and bad customer service. 

An update though, Gamefly would never reply to anything I wrote them.  Funny though I file a BBB complaint against them Friday morning about the bad service and about them wanting me to track down their game at the post office.  I get an email today saying my game was magically found and is now off my "games i have out" list.  Now as for their availability being the reason behind this, that is just not an excuse.  Common sense would tell a company like GF that there will obviously be a huge demand for next gen games.  Since I only have an Xbox One right now I think it would probably be best to just cancel the membership and wait until spring when surely there will be more games and more quantities available. 

And BongKaos, Redbox doesn't have any next gen games available to rent, atleast the last time I checked unfortunately.  I also doubt the postal service is slow due to the holidays as this started up around the 2nd or 3rd of November.  The USPS is pretty sufficient and usually they run smoothly up until the last week or so before Christmas.  Oh, I also checked the rating that the BBB has on Gamefly and they have been given a C- grade.  Shew, alot to say, sorry for rambling guys lol.