Lets go from the top,it cant of been a gamer that organised GAMEFEST AT THE NEC AT BIRMINGHAM.Why would any gamer want to spend 3 hours driving to the nec,and then finding out you have to que for hours to play or even see any games such as gears of war 3,cod,battlefield 3.with all the money made in the games industry why was there ONLY 10 MACHINES RUNNING WITH GEARS OF WAR 3 AND HALO.what about the merchandise for all the top new games coming out!! there wasnt any!!,dosnt have to be free merchandise,but there wasnt enough of that neither.the NEC IS HUGE SO WHY WANST THE SPACE BETTER USED.I THINK THE ORGANISERS SHOULD LOOK AT HOW THE MOTORCYCLE SHOW IS ORGANISED AND PRESENTED!!.

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I was stood in the Battlefield 3 queue for about an hour, then they decide to change the sign from "From this point it is 1 hour waiting" to "From this point it is 2 hours waiting"


I just gave up, il play the beta when it decides to come out.


I do have to admit that there should of been more stands of the same (2 Battlefield stands, 2 Codemasters, 2 Need for speeds ...etc) to reduce the queues a bit.

However i wouldn't complain about the NUTS stand though ;)

1st, GOW is pretty much out now so dedicating more consoles to it would be silly.


Fair enough the queus were big for COD. BF3, Gears and Rage but only really theese. 10,000 ticets were sold so it was to be expected. I managed to play on COD but left Rage and BF3 as they are out next month.


As for freebies, i guess you went today so i cant say anything about that, i went on friday and got a shlt load of swag. Had to be cheeky and ask for alot of it though.


Here is a pic of what my mate got - i got on top of this BF3 dogtags, saints row 3 bag, MW3 tshirt, COD Elite tshirt and a COD prestige patch.