Game updates oddity!

Hi all, happy owner of an xbox one. My query is a strange one. I have it set up to download updates/patches for games in the background when the consoles either on or off. When I turn my console on to see if there are any updates/patches I open games and apps window. Yesterday Battlefield 4 had a patch and it was showing as installing 100%. It then stopped as if it had completed installing. However nothing happens when you highlight the game and press the 'A' button. When you highlight it and press what is commonly the start button on the pad it gives you some options to retry installion, cancel installation etc as if it hasn't completely installed. Pressing on retry does nothing. Putting in the game disk then fixes this and finishes the install off (30 seconds at the most). This has happened to me again today with the forza 5 patch. I should add this only happens with my disk owned games and not digital copy's. Has anyone else experienced this? Not a huge problem but odd!

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I do have this issue currently with ghosts. It seems the patch messes up the install somehow. My only thought is to try uninstall and reinstall the game. I haven't tried yet, but that's the only thing I can think of that may help.

Thanks for the reply. Like I say I don't need to uninstall it as soon as I put the disk in its fine and finishes off the install. Just weird!

Maybe the disc is required for the final installation to go through on hard copies of the games. The Killer Instinct patch downloaded and installed fine.

Yeah maybe, happened to you at all?

Sorry. I don't have my own Xbox One yet. Just seemed like a pattern from what you said and so far the only digital game on my brothers Xbox One hasn't had that problem with being patched.

Keep having the same thing with Forza, but not with any other title.  First time it happened I figured ok must have been an update.  But almost every day....hard to believe they are pushing that many updates in a row, and if they are, for christ sake could the console TELL me it did something lol.  All it does now is tells me to try to install again/let it finish and in 5 seconds it's done after doing absolutely nothing.

The disc must be in. Basically a verification. Any disc based game won't finalize an update w/o the disc loaded.

Thank you the last 2 replies confirm what I thought! Like Shark says above I just wish the xbox would tell ya lol