Hi all

Loving my new Xbox One and have a voucher for Game (UK retailer).

Their website lists prices for a controller with play and charge kit as 'on offer' at £74.99! On the MS store it's £59.99. Similarly their play and charge kit is listed at £24.99.

I refuse to get ripped off but want to use the voucher I have. I noticed they did this last year when the WiiU came out (I bought the accessories from Sainsbury).

I basically just wanted to ask if anyone has seen these prices in their stores as I won't get chance to get down there until later in the week and if anyone has any experience of them price matching.




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Why is there a funny looking E in front of your money?

@Lestat...I hope your being witty.


If you really don't know, it's the symbol for the pound.

Play and charge kit in Game is £19.99.


Granger Games have games like Battlefield 4 for £47.99, and in Game it is £54.99, I've been shopping at Game for about 15 years so will always support them

the funny looking E lol man you come across some people now iv seen it all

GAME are charging more than anywhere else which led me to shop elsewhere. I guess they do it because they know people will still buy from them despite the higher prices as they are a well known shop dedicated to gaming. I refuse to spend £54.99 on a game though, so I put the 3 games I was going to buy back and went to ASDA and saved £30 :)

Its all abit of a rip off in Game, Prices for the X1 games are £54.99 was abit surprising as I am sure I remember both MS and Sony saying that their first party published games wouldn't cost any more than current (X360/ps3) games, which is at most £49.99.

Or did I dream that bit?

I preordered my console with GAME online and I got Forza 5 and CoD Ghosts for £49.99 each. I was therefore more than a little surprised when I walked into my local GAME store on Saturday and saw that their prices had mysteriously increased. I guess the price I paid was only valid because I preordered in June. I've currently got about £16 worth of reward points on my GAME card so I'll use them to buy my next game and then take my custom elsewhere.

I can't understand it though, why would they do that? Surely the RRP of the extra controller is £59.99 yet they choose to sell it on their website at a whopping £74.99. How they not being pulled up on that?

Anyway, i'll check out the price instore later in the week and if they can't price match i'll take my funny looking E quids elsewhere.


Went into game on saturday morning  to buy a controller with play and charge kit and was shocked to be told it was indeed £74.99 and had gone up in price from £59.99 over night on microsofts instruction.  Funny that the price hasnt increased anywhere else !    Was told by the assistant that it was cheaper to buy a controller for £44.99 and a separate play and charge kit for £24.99, which I did but only because I had a game gift card with £60.00 on it, but I definately wont be shopping there again

I go into my local game on a regular basis and this staff kinda know me now, plus I get all my purchases on my reward card, got £10 worth of points for buying the Xbox One on pre-order, which will very nicely go towards an Xbox One game or the PS4 in a few months.


Yeah as mentioned above, you pay a little bit extra, but the service from GAME is fabulous, and all the staff are gamers themselves, rather go to GAME because of this reason

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