Is it just me or are reviews all over the place recently, I read a review in one mag saying a particular game is the best thing since sliced bread, and then another saying its crap - makes it extremely bloody difficult to decide what to buy - just browsing through some of the recent releases on metacritic - RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON gets a "near perfect" 95/100 from one site, and a dismal 42/100 from another. Certain critics are getting extremely hard to please of late!


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I don't even bother with reviews at all; buy/rent the game you be the judge!

i thought this was a thread for people to submit their own reviews. If i listened to reviews i wouldn't have/enjoy some of the games in my collection. i normally read up on a game but then don't bother with the review. Watching videos tends to help aswell

Yeah I just watch gameplay videos and then I decide to get it based on that, or sometimes I get the demo if it's available.

another good way is to borrow it off someone if they have it. which is what some of my friends do because of the games i buy they they wouldn't

Same here, Or some games like Forza 4 I will just buy because I know pretty much how the game will play.

I don't know about all over the place, afterall for the most part we (for some bizarre reason) only use between a third and a half of the scale. Not so bad if you're using a 100 point system but if your using a 10 point system then the difference between, say, 7 and 8 is almost meaningless (Well, scores are almost meaningless anyway, but still).

Personally I think it's far better to have reviews hitting a range of scores, it means you can go into reading a given review that you know is positive, another which is negative and perhaps another which is neutral; it gives you a better overall perspective than just reading reviews which hail a game as the best thing ever (or the worst) without really focusing on the flaws (or positives).

InB4"well documented"reviewbribescanal

Lovefilm FTW

I don't really know what you're complaining about OP. Do you expect reviewers to be a homogenous hive-mind that all like the same thing?


If you want to find out if a game is worth the investment all it takes is to be a little bit disearning when reading these reviews.

That 95% review is from a site called 'Gaming Excellence', which I've never heard of. It's relative anonymity should be enough for you to question its integrity.

That, and the fact that the site design looks like a reskin of IGN. The writing style is sloppy and sounds like it was written by an amateur.


Some extracts:

"Guerilla might have had more buildings and structures for you to destroy than this game does but what it lacks for in destruction it makes up for with new tricks up your characters proverbial sleeve."

Sadly even if you fight as smart as possible these guys have the audacity to suicide bomb you... it's both insulting and aggravating way to die

"Even the minor flaws are easily ignored and most will likely not even notice them, as wrapped up in the game as they will be."


Just look at the metascore to get a general idea of the critical consensus. For most high budget titles the metascore is reasonably accurate, score inflation notwithstanding.


What the hell is up with my font btw

reviews by their very nature are the personal view of the person writing it, therefore it should be varied depending on the game. Ask your friends if they have played, grab a demo if you can or just rent the game and try it out, if you like it buy if not...dont

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