GAME: Retailer Still in Trouble

GAME facing credit problems, 'possible stock issues' But firm insists it will be selling big new games this Friday

Retailer GAME is reportedly facing credit insurance problems that could hamper its ability to stock new releases.

MCV claims GAME's financial landscape has changed "significantly since the beginning of the year", and that it's currently having to work with individual publishers to find answers to the financing problems.

An anonymous publishing executive told the site: "No credit from the agencies means no stock for the stores. It's going to get worse before it gets better. You won't find a new release this Friday."

However, the retailer told MCV that rumours this week's big releases won't be available in GAME stores are untrue, and that the company's currently processing

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur V.

GAME also said the non-appearance of Resident Evil: Revelations online last week was down to "website errors" and not credit issues, while denying rumours that staff wages haven't been paid recently.

Earlier this month, GAME Group reported a year-over-year sales decline of 14.7 percent for the eight week Christmas period ended January 7.

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So you reckon Gamestation will be in a similar situation by default being as they're pretty much the same company?


Should I be planning on spending that store credit i'd set aside for SSX?

Be a shame if they shut down

Gamestation are owned by same parent company, but its GAME thats the face of the Video Games Division..will have to see if Gamestation have had similar isssues

Staff in my local Gamestation said they took a big loss last year.

They need to change their prices.

Most of the pre-owned games in game are more expensive than brand new games in supermarkets or similar stores.

They focus to much on reward cards instead of single purchase`s.

They also have far to many staff in every store as they jump on you the second you walk in.

I don`t have sympathy for companies that fail due to ignoring obvious solutions and instead just keep themselves going with subs from their sister companies.

Won't miss them if they do shut down, they've always been overpriced so I've always bought from elsewhere.

Simple business, if you undercut your rivals, people will buy from you!

It wouldn't surprise me if the lucrative p/o market keeps them in business, just like FOBT's keep bookies open.

If they bugger up my Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors Edition Order I will be VERY mad.

It will be a shame if Game did closed down, but the report does not mention anything about administration which does mean they could close down

So hands up those still saying pre owned market is Evil and killing gaming when companies make at best £2 or so on new titles ?

And Now hands up those saying they'd rather keep a big chain going and people in jobs than fund another Yacht for the publishers ?


Personally I've had issues with game both ethically and due to staff in there in local stores who weren't too professional such as the girl flirting with her boyfriend over the counter while me and 8 other people were waiting in the Queue to be served, after 5 minutes I said "excuse me I'm waiting to be served" and was told to "Stop being impatient as I have more important things and people to deal with" (she was sacked 2 months after this due to a lot more complaints of similar conduct.



Though in recent times I've been getting games from then for a certain current gen console for 50p each lol

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