Game rentals

Now that Blockbuster has gone we've nowhere to rent games from.

Just a thought but why doesnt Microsoft use the games on demand service for rentals too? They could use codes to download and play that are time limited maybe?

I'd like to try Thief but after the reviews I don't want to spend too much on buying it so renting would be great.


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Try boomerang.been using them for about 7years & never had an issue.Pretty fast turnaround.

My membership is £10 per month for unlimited rentals but there are cheaper memberships.

I'll have a look cheers. would still like a rental service on dashboard

I agree.It is a good idea.

I tend to rent single player games & buy the multiplayer ones unless it's a game i really want or know i'm going to get a good few hours gameplay out of it.

Lost count of the games i'm glad i rented instead of buying lol.

I think I'm going to have to down the Boomerang route because I haven't played half the amount of games I normally would have since Lovefilm stopped their game rental services. Not to mention games potentially staying at the £45+ price point and 3 kids bleeding me dry, I think £10 p/m seems reasonable - you'll get your monies worth with just one new release each month!


I noticed a link to a new rental site called nextgenrentals and it seemed ok but you're always taking a chance with fledgling companies.

It also takes a little planning on a delivery service rather than renting on a whim bored on a sunday.

This is a good idea and I would rent if the option was there. Like £3 for 3 days worth of licensing and then after that you either have to re-rent or purchase it outright. The prices would have to be right though and I haven't rented for years and years so the above is just a base guess. Something I would like to see though.

Yeah I was thinking £5 to £7 per week or 5 days, not overly expensive.

Hope someone from Xbox reads this!

I do remember them saying sometime back that they wanted to work on the digi side of things. Gifting stuff to friends was one thing I am sure I read (correct me if I'm wrong guys) but a rent service just like the movies wouldn't be bad at all.

Yeah the original plans for the DRM X1 were going to allow you to gift your games, let your friends (upto 10 I think) play your digi games when you were no and be able to re-sell them through a digi marketplace. However the internet didn't like the sound of DRM and it was all stripped out, sadly.

Yeah a rental service would be good over the X1.


Oh well that sucks! I can see even more now why so many preferred the prior. Re-selling / buying preowned digi content would of been awesome. I wonder what the prices would of worked out at.

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