game rentals? Ny1 else think this could be good?

you can already rent movies on the console so why can't you add in a game rental feature?? i mean as long as you do a decent pricing system i can't see how hard this would be to implement as you do a similar service with films and that must work because its still there as a feature so why not add this in as well.


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I can see this in the future as a service they would add. It would cut what middle man is left (redbox gamefly) out. The main issue i see with this is not everyone has a great internet speed so when you rent you would spend half or a whole day downloading the game, unless its like movies where the timer starts when you hit play. If they were to offer this, I would no doubt use the service.

yeh exactly they already do that kinda thing with the movies so all they would need to do is setup a similar service for games and i think that would be a defo winner. and as far as game rentals in the Uk there aint really anybody anymore blockbuster was the last high street distributor of this and there long gone now so there would defo be a market for it

I have been mentioning this for many years. Would be great for sure.

You would need a constant internet connection for this to work.

And as we all know the crackpots hate that.

yeh i agree you'll need internet connection but its only the same as the film rentals innit. and it still makes me laugh all the people who complaind bout the original always on things at least 95% of users have it conectd to the internet anyway so i don't get the fuss. i just hope that we can get sum pace on it and try and something like this added. like camaroboy sed hes bin on bout this for years if enuff of us get on the bandwagon and microsoft actually do listen to their customers we could actually make this happen

I don't mean to intrude in what is a generally good topic, and can agree, some sort of rental system would be a good idea.

But at least state some truths.

The Original Policy was not always online. So rentals would not fall under any of those policies. It would be a separate policy.

@ Bird, so that would mean Microsoft are also crackpots, as they did not have the balls to follow through on their intended vision. They must have hated it just as bad to remove it.

I have been talking about this as well maybe add a way to purchase the rental at a discount if you really enjoyed it, I mean hell you already would have it installed

@Hairy, Not crackpots. But definitely wimps.

I hope someday they bring back the original vision. (Including DRM)

Wouldn't be surprised if something like this makes it's way to Xbox One, and I would welcome it with opened arms depending on the price tag, of course :) 

REDBOX The App? :P

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