Game problems.

I am experiencing problems with a couple of my games. I play alot of Fifa 16 and now when I put the disc in to play it, it goes to a black screen then shoots me back to the xbox home. Now I also had this problem with Tomb Raider and had to play the game whilst offline. Has anyone experienced this problem their self and have a fix for this or is this an Xbox problem? I am able to play Black Ops 3 so I don't think it is the disc reader. Thanks.


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hard reset the console then come back here if this has not worked for you.

Things I have tried.

Hard reset

Delete my profile from xbox then hard reset then add my profile back.

Cleared persistent storage.

Changed locale settings as per Microsoft instructions.

Uninstalled and reinstalled my game.

And possibly a few more but can't think from the top of my head.

Think the only thing left is a full factory reset but then you would have to install everything again so I don't know how you feel about that

unplug xbox, unplug router for 5 minutes, plug in  router and wait till fully connected, then start xbox and check

Being on a military camp I can't just unplug my router as I don't have one, I am going to try a factory reset.