Game (Phase 3 Pre-Order).

I Pre-Ordered a phase 3 Xbox One from GAME. Does anyone know when it will likely be ready for pick up. I have searched everywhere and every person I ask in store gives me a different answer! any one out there in the same boat as me?  Any replies would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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Apparantly some Morrisons have One's in stock. My wife read this in a newspaper.

Christ how do GAME not have any in? they are surely losing out on a big pay day!

Am in the same boat. Even e-mailed game , still waitin on reply. *** of it is I could o picked up a ps4 that very day from same shop. Damn my blind loyalty lol

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Christ how do GAME not have any in? they are surely losing out on a big pay day!


I believe some GAME shops have had more stock in but it goes to the next person on the list so they don't last long.

My sister inlaw picked up an Xbox One off the shelf from our nearest Tesco's last night ( Isle of Wight, Ryde Store ), no pre-order or anything so unless people have already paid for it say at GAME, it's worth shopping about because they are coming in, like with GAME though they don't hang around long so you have to be quick.

Another place to try for anyone still hunting a console down is PC World/Currys, according to our local one they will have more stock of Xbox One/PS4 this coming Thursday.

To be honest I think there's consoles out there ready to be sold but shops/companies often make it to be worse than it actually is ... "You must get your pre-order in quick otherwise you'll be left out" .... People panic, give the shops their deposits ( better in their bank than yours ) and then your sort of stuck with one option. I'm not saying you can walk into any shop and get one but I don't believe people will have to wait weeks/months to get a console, just shop about a little.

There's a lot of pressure on GAME because the millions of people who pre-ordered at Blockbuster was told 3 weeks before launch date that they would not be getting any Xbox ones due to financial difficulties. So you can imagine those millions of people will now be buying whatever they can from where ever they can and mopping up any little stock that becomes available.  Basically not enough consoles for the demand.

im in the same boat! but iv'e just spoke to a mate who said "email sent on saturday saying his will be processed and sent by tuesday!" (tomorrow) im in store collection so im guessing within a day or so...fingers crossed