Game killing connection issue! Please help! Arrrggghh!!!

Hi. Hope someone can point me in the right direction with this.... My xbox has been on the same connection for years without issue until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly my nat went strict and I started suffering serious connection issues and lag..... I have gone into the router and placed the Xbox in the dmz which seems to have fixed the nat issue. However the lag issue still remains?? I only really play fifa 13 ultimate team and cod and both are pretty much unplayable, fifa is completely unresponsive and stutters it's way through every match, and on cod I'm lucky if It manages to get me into a game. I have done several speed tests and all are the same around 3mb download and 50 ms ping which I know isn't great but has always been fine in the past?? Any ideas anyone? Ps I'm on talk talk using a belkin aftermarket router and the connection is wired directly from router to Xbox ..... One last thing is that my box is suffering from error 74 and needs overheating once a week or so to clear the error, just incase someone knows of this causing connection issues??? Thanks in advance hope someone can help.....

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