Game invites and party invites are too complicated

Why would you change something that worked so well? On the 360 I could just go to my friends list, go to a friend, and invite them to my game or party. If I wanted to play gamebattles I could just search up the players I'm matched up against and invite them to my game. Now on the xbox one im forced to have them in the party....why? Why dont I have the option to just have them in my game and not my party? Why make things so complicated? All I want is to invite them to my game, not my party! Other than this, the system works perfect for me. I just don't understand why you would get rid of something that worked so well.


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If your friend is playing with you, why should it matter if they ARE in your party?? Pretty easy to invite, "xbox....snap party" then select friends you want to join, xbox will send invites en masse. You can decide to stay in game chat, or everyone can move to party chat (option is right there in snapped party mode) when you are finished...."xbox.....unsnap". Works quickly and without any serious problems on my console. I believe you can do this with recent players as well

I find it very easy to join a friend in a party or a game (if there's room). Same for accepting.