Game idea for kinect!

Hello, my name is Anthony.
My friend and I had an idea for a kinect game. Brace yourselves. First person perspective pokemon for kinect. If we could have someone from microsoft/xbox be willing to hear us out, that would be lovely. Also we wish to own all rights to the idea and possibly make 10% of profit if profit is made. We already have many good ideas for it, especially with the voice control in kinect. You could say your pokemon's name and move your arm in a throwing motion when in a pokemon battle. Another idea was that when you ride your bicycle or pokemon, (if you are flying or trying to get across waters) you could lean to the side that you wish to move your bicycle/pokemon and there would be obstacles that could knock you out if hit. Such as planes, rocks, and if on you bicycle then, people or walls. Maybe sometimes if you are in the water riding your pokemon you would have to dodge other pokemon to avoid poke-battles. And you could design it so that it is the kind of RPG in which you can buy your clothes with money that you earn in pokemon battles. Also you could invite people on your friends list to battle with you if they accept.

Thank you for your consideration,

Anthony and Alex

P.S. Remember, we claim 10% of profit if profit is made due to idea ownership. 

Once again, thanks. 


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I'd be stoked to see something like Star Trek: Bridge Commander adapted to kinect...

Well considering Pokemon is a Nintendo exclusive if you will, I don't see that happening. Although it would be a pretty neat idea.