Game Freezing at Certain Part


Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, Cannot navigate these forums at all!

But, I have got Crysis 3. Played the Campaign since release. No problems! But, I will note the problem down below in case of spoilers!

I have got to the part near the end, 2nd to last mission with the Alpha Ceph. And it just freezes constantly when I die and reload or when I complete the mission and go onto the next mission!

I'm starting to think it's my Xbox. But if it ain't broke don't fix it! It's a Premium console.

I'm going to get a replacement later, Just curious though?

Regardless, An Amazing Game!!



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Have you tried using a different GamerTag?

I had a copy of Gears of war 2 which worked wonderfully for a year or so. One day however it started freezing on the start screen.. I thought it was the game and stopped playing it.

Fast forward another year and i walked in to my room to my little brother Multiplayer online.. Didn't even notice right away. Apparently he had been playing it all week with his own Gamer Tag..

I made a new one on my xbox, hey hoe presto the copy of Gears of war 2 worked fine.

I would try what THEOWENKILLER suggested and clear your cache if you haven't already.

(From the dashboard go to settings>System>storage>Press Y to select any storage device>Clear system cache>Yes)

See if that solves your problem.

You could also follow the steps above accept select your storage device with A and go to games. Find Crysis 3 and open it up with A. Look through it to see if there are any corrupt files. They will make themselves obvious. Try deleting any recent updates to the game as well and it will prompt you to re download them when you start up the game if you are playing online. It could be an update didn't download properly too. Let us know!

Also for future reference on where to get game support like this under the Playing my Game section found here in the support forums found here.

This is an absolute joke! Went an got a brand new copy. Exactly the same in the exact same part.

My Xbox 360 must be on it's way out? Any ideas?

It would be worth clearing your cache to make sure it has the latest updates,if there are any.


As already mentioned,installing your game will let you know if there is a fault on your disc.

It could be just a problem with the game, but I don't have it but just out curiosity have tried installing the game?