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This feature is sooooo awesome! I don't know how I lived without this feature that pops up twice to cover a large amount of my screen when friends in my party join a game that I'm not playing! I mean, its like the Xbox just knows what I want! How else would I know that friends of mine are playing other games without a notification that lasts a full minute and pops up whenever a friend is on a game?! Its not like they could've just told me or invited me to the game! That would be tooooo easy! Now since the Xbox is the future, they throw random stuff in there that no one likes and interrupts gaming for our benefit!! Thanks old people at Microsoft who knows EXACTLY what we don't want! :)


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That sounds really bad and frustrating. Hope get fixed soon and not copied to others games the way  it is working right now,

oh yeah i definitely don't like throwing me into a game automatically . as soon as i get th einvite it says a friend is inviting you and it takes me straight to the game without even asking me if i want to join or not.

If you aren't playing the same game, you will get an invite to join their game if they're in your party. But if you're in a BF4 match and someone in your party is in another BF4 match, and there is room to join, a game is found message covers your entire school. That is not a good thing to have when you're fighting someone or if you accidently press "A" and join. Its broken, and needs to be fixed. And its especially broken when I get on Battlefield 4 to maybe want to play single player, but they throw me into a match with my friend in party, without even asking me. That isn't a convenient luxury, that is an annoying and needless feature.

If you are in a party with someone and they start playing the game you are playing.. you get an invite to join their game... works well with BF4....TBH

i really need to investigate this party system.  so when you're in a party with friends and those same friends start playing another game you get a notification?

Yah man it's a pretty big portion of the screen. When I play my fleet mini game thing in Assassins Creed and that pops up, its game breaking. I cant see vital information. And its game breaking for like 2 minutes (depending how many people are in the party). On a side note, have you seen the BF 4 game found notification? It takes up the entire screen when a game has been found. I know this is a DICE issue, but jesus Christ.... Idk whoever thought that would be a good idea to cover the entire screen.

Lol large portion? its no different then the game invites from the 360. with that said i do agree that MS didn't really understand how people used party chat. it needs a little work, but the auto invites are awesome. i was always lazy anyway in a party of 6 on the 360 instead of sending invites to the 2-3 people joining me i'd invite teh whole party