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My clips I have recorded while playing nba 2k14 have no audio. Is there a setting I'm missing to add this or is anybody else having this issue?

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I got the same thing no sound wan i play my saved clips from nba2k14

Perhaps it's more of a game developer issue, side note if you play the clips on your phone from smartglass you may not get audio most of the time, it's a current smartglass bug.

When are they going to fix GAME DVR? *** this thing.

It works fine for me, fact I love the recording and then uploading it unto skydrive to download the clip onto my computer to do my own editing, however it does need upgrading, would be nice to be able to record in higher frame rates or resolution, also for some reason I've compared the XB1 DVR with my external PVR and the clip from the XB1 lost a decent amount of quality somewhere.

With much better editing tools upload could become an amazing App.

One thing I would like too say about your current issue is, Try viewing your clips from other devices and or different browsers.

I have heard of no bug and my smart glass runs brilliant and so does my Skydrive App. Only thing I'm disappointed in is lack of editing tools.

My Titanfall clips do not have audio when I play them back...

Guys... the new update preview ups the compression algorithm's quality, I'm seeing maybe a 20% to 40% quality increase. Still 720p 30fps though which is standard for video.

NBA 2K14 excludes audio from game clips. Because of licensed music and sound effects that couldn't be licensed. Audio is excluded from gameclips and steams on Xbox One and PS4.

Not all games... Forza 5 (no licensed music in game) has audio.

Most games have audio, NBA is the exception.