Game DVR Wont record Titanfall clips

So the past couple days that iv'e been playing Titanfall I notice that the clips I thought recorded because of the (game clip recorded notification) popping up on screen and then I would go to view them with clips not showing up in upload studio! Then i see if it had anything to do with my NAT type (which was STRICT) fixed that to OPEN and i got it to record 1 clip. After that I thought cool I fixed it but when i went to record more clips after that nothing showed up in upload even though the notification popped up that the clip recorded! I've tried saying both Xbox record that and snapping the game DVR to tell it to record and nothing! Next I tested other games multiple times using the same method and guess what they all recorded clips! What's going on has anyone else experienced this with Titanfall lately???


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the xbox realises its a poor game and doesnt want to clog up your system :)

all jokes aside mate, i've never had this issue with titanfall so apologies for not being able to put in more valuble input

I've had the same thing happen, I said "Xbox record that" Kinect recognised the voice command, and "toast" even popped up at the bottom of the screen, but when I went into upload studio, no clip.

I fixed it by going into options, turning off DVR , hard resetting the console, and then turning DVR back on.  Another hard reset, and then I tried recording a couple clips and it worked.  Not sure if it's permanent, fingers crossed.

As much as I hate to say it, it's not an issue with TF; it's a system-wide issue, which means it can happen in any game. It's rare, but it's happened to me at least twice and to a friend of mine multiple times. Are you in the preview update? That might have something to do with it, if you are. Otherwise, if you're not, then your guess is as good as mine. :|

i got this with forza last night. i recorded 3 clips and they wasnt there when i looked

This is the 3rd time you've told me Gh0stz - it sucks, I know. Move on... Please, for the love of GOD! :P

I can see them u turning on this now and getting rid of upload, how is everyone going to use it properly without Kinect, they will either update it a nerf it even more or just get rid all together.  it not what hardcore gamers want lol.

Farscape, as I've said in numerous other threads, you can still use the Game DVR app to record clips (you just can't record your face or voice is all).

@Farscape Why get rif og it just because Kinect is no longer included with every console.  They could just put an update out that means when you hold both stick buttons down for two seconds its the equivalent of saying "Xbox record that".

And as for "hardcaore" gamers not using it, I would consider myself "hardcore" and I use it fairly regularly (when it works)