Game DVR uploading during online play messes up my internet connection

I am experiencing internet connection problems when Game DVR records a videoclip and uploads it immediately. I am from Germany and my Internet provider is Kabel Deutschland with a 16 Mbit Internet Connection and my router is the Fritz FritzBox 6360...
On my laptop I can track the usage of my Internet connection on an online monitor which the interface of the Fritzbox 6360 offers. On that monitor I can see that when Game DVR records gameplay videos it will get uploaded immediately...unfortunately this usage of upload speed makes the games stutter/lag in online matches, and it only holds on for the duration of the uploading process.

I think the feature itself is great and I compliment Microsoft for that, but is there any way to fix my problem? Another suggestion for Microsoft would be, enableing an option for xbox one users to switch off uploading during online would be fine if the videos would be uploaded between online matches or simply said not during online matches...I have experienced this issues in BF4, FIFA 14 and Titanfall, but these are the only games I have so far.


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