Game DVR Errors

I'm getting a ton of Game DVR errors that are really starting to *** me off. How and why is my game DVR is messing up is an issue, finding your way around to find a place to make a freaking thread is an issue, making a thread once before with a smilar title is a freaking issue because no one freaking looked in to it. So what the freak. How the freak is any one suppose to keep their freaking cool if problems just get compounded with more unnecessary unrelated problems when in the freaking end nothing you say gets heard. St least someone tell me where I'm suppose to make threads about issues so I can at the very least make my complaints that no one will see in the right freaking place. And trust me when it comes to the word freaking I really want to use adult language. But freedom of speech is against the freaking internet to protect the minds of already dirty and rotten ignorant kids. 


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Instead of mindless ranting why not explain the exact issue you are having and someone may be able to help you.

---also this is NOT support.     DVR???  Do you mean the games are not loading???  Like a disk read error??