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Game Dragoon Gaming Community has a chatroom available for people to use. In order to access it, you need to have an account on the Game Dragoon Forums (free to create and use). Its a great little community where you can talk to other gamers and have a good time. We organise game nights and tournaments as well and talk about every console so no one is left out.


Game Dragoon


Note: We are currently gathering players for the Game Dragoon Super Street Fighter IV Tournament. Also on Saturday 14th May at 7pm, we are holding a Halo 3 Custom Game Night. If you are interested in joining in, you will need at least Foundry (Heroic Map Pack - free to download) in order to play. The game will be open so check for HalfChaosnova and click Join Session In Progress to join in the fun! See You There!


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Deffinately worth checking out, come and meet some like minded gamers who are up for a good session and just generally a laugh.

If none of these interest you, be sure to tell us what you would like to see

We are looking for moderators for various games. If you would like to make a difference and become a part of this, then click the above link and apply. Thank You

Game Dragoon is proud to announce our Gaming Week! If you have any of these games, be sure to join in

Monday 30th May, 7pm

HalfChaosnova & Sk8zors:  Halo 3 Custom Game Night

Tuesday 31st May, 7pm

Karmarama: Super Street Fighter IV

Wednesday 1st June, 7pm

HalfChaosnova & Sk8zors: Left 4 Dead 1 Game Night

Thursday 2nd June, 7pm

HalfChaosnova: Castlevania Harmony of Despair Game Night

Friday 3rd June, 7pm

Sk8zors: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Game Night

Note: This is UK Time

Speak to the people on Game Dragoon on these games and be sure to have a good time.

UPDATE: We are starting the Super Street Fighter IV Tournament on 4th June at 7pm til 11pm. If you are interested in joining then go ahead to

If you are looking for a good community then click the link in my signature


What sk8zors said, we are up for a laugh. And you should find gamers with similar interests as yours. We also play older games as well so there is a vast amount of options. A few old games I still play are

Shadowrun - very cheap and very good team-based

Section 8 - Underrated

Left 4 Dead - Still get a lot of fun out of it

there are so much more as well but hey, come on over and check it all out.

Link is in my signature.


Does anybody have any questions they would like to ask us? We will try to answer the best we can.