game cheats in rdr

what is suport doing with peeps usen iso copy games how carnt get killed cus thay all these iso cheat users in rdr red dead and other games its taken the mick now and how do i get them baned off xbox do i have to record it and send to suport as theres one person how i would like to ban


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You have to report them through the xbox and I would recommend putting them on avoid player status and 90% you never end up in a game with them unless there are low numbers playing the game

Reporting and avoiding them via the console is all you can do. Sadly Rockstar doesn't seem to care about their games once they're a couple of years old, and MS never seems to ban modders.

rdr has been hacked by the glitched gang. if you notice they come on at night each show up in different sessions. they then freeze your game then send a smiley face to you. you.cant block them. and reporting is not an option because they hacked the system.

You can most definitely block communications with them, and you can also report them via the console.

is that whats happening on Red dead? and here I thought the game was just pooched... every lobby I go into is unplayable. fun game offline. online its a flippin flop