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I wanted to know, is it possible to have both game audio and chat go through the headset? I have the headset that comes with the 250GB xbox and a seperate usb stereo headset. Do I need to get a special headset that goes through the xbox controller port or what?


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I also need answers to this question!

From what I know you can't have the audio come through the standard Xbox headset. You need something a bit more substantial that plugs into the Xbox itself for game audio. I, for example, have the Turtle Beach X41's.

Turtle Beach is a bit overpriced for the quality though. I don't think you can do anything with a USB headset but if you have a normal stereo headset, you could use something like this

Then you would only need a clip on mic like this if the headset didnt already have one.

But if you ever wanted to go the 7.1 route and have the money to do it, I would recommend the Astro Mixamp and a pair of headphones from a company like Sennheiser, AKG or Audio Technica. There are also many other options depending on your budget. You could get the Sony MDR-V6 to use with the mixamp for around 60.00 on amazon. Keep in mind though that the Astro Mixamp is 130.00 but is well worth it for many years of gaming to come. It's just not compatable with USB headsets. Depending on model though, you might still need the clip on mic.

Alright, thanks for the advice.