game audio through controller/headset

Can you hear in game music/sounds by connecting headphones to the controller like you can on the PS4?

If you can't, can someone explain gaming headphones/headsets to me? Do you just plug them into the optical jack on back of the Xbox 360/Xbox One? Can you hear just game sounds or also game chat? Any recommendations for getting a good one?



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I tried plugging my headset in to the controller, wasn't hearing anything so maybe a setting or 2 need changing

I haven't heard anything about being able to plug in headphones into the controller on the Xbox One. There are currently no headphones/headsets that work with the Xbox One or PS4 except just for regular headphones that you use like on MP3 players. There will be gaming headsets sometime in the beginning of next year. There will be something that makes it possible to use current gen headsets on the new consoles, but it isn't available yet.

Headsets, I only have experience with wired headsets so I don't know if wireless ones work the same way, I also only have experience using the HD/AV cables, haven't used HDMI, but it is possible. The way wired headsets work.  The headset comes in one cable, it splits off in the end for a USB cable to be connected into the Xbox 360 then an audio side that has the usual white/red cable that goes on the back of your television set that connects to your audio. Also the green cable, have no idea what its called that is used for your headset. This is hard to explain in words lol. You're able to hear both game sounds and voice chat, controlling which you want to hear louder and a few other things you can control, depending on how fancy and expensive you want to go. Most people usually go with Turtlebeaches and Trittons.

@Eric the XB1 comes with a headset

It's a headset for voice chat, but I think this guy is talking about gaming headsets, where both voice chat and game audio come thru.

I wish it was as easy as on the PS4. You can plug in 3.5mm headset (like from your cell phone) into the controller and route all game audio to it. And the Wii U, you can plug your headphones into the GamePad. I love this feature. Is it possible with the Xbox One?

I wouldn't know, don't have the Xbox One yet =(. Don't think it is though, nobody has mentioned it, but I don't know anybody who's tried it either.