GAME and Saints Row: The Third

So I was going to pre-order Saints Row: The Third at GAME but the site was down, when the site when back up I went to pre-order SR3 and the pre-order bonus "Professor Genki Pack" was not shown on the site. Do you think that they are still shipping the game with pre-order bonus?


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Best bet would be to call support tomorrow.

If you ordered this: row


And not this row


If they don't link simply cut and paste them in your browser.


The Professor Genki version for GAME is the "Professor Genki Edition" rather than a Pre-order bonus.


You can get it off for slightly cheaper as well.



*has his on order with zavvi for 31. like most games ;o*

Its showing again now. I will go in store and pre-order when I go and pick up Dead Island.


You got your games on pre order for £31, is that a reduced price because you have used a discount code

Yes or when priced lower, Which Shopto do a lot when they put games up to pre-order. Like I did have batman preordered on shopto for 32.85 (its 37.86 or w/e their end prefix is now lol) [has since been at 29.99 elsewhere at times thou forgot if that was or] thou thats canceled as of the CE.

Thats why get like every game I want on release, not paying 39.99 every time i bet my avg price paid is just over 30quid shop around and preorders don't cost anything so no harm in it. I move my orders about a lot lol.