Gah, why can't I upgrade my account to an adult?

Seriously, I am 18 now, I can't download things from the website.
I can't apply for Xbox Live rewards.

How do I change my account to an adult?
I've changed it on my console but how do I do it here?


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Happy Birthday

If you put your correct age in you shouldn't have a problem but some how i think your lying

Possibly because you bought a family gold thing??  Think that you'd need to get the main account holder to change  you're settings for you if that's not the case thn I don't know....

From what I remember when seting up a child account an adult has to enter a password (I think it may be linked to an live id). When upgradeing a child account the password will have to be used to confirm the account holder is now an adult and not just some kid trying to bypass the child account his parents put on his xbox.