Fusion Gaming Community - Open recruitment

FGC is a multi-game community that pride itself on putting fun, mature gaming before winning at all costs.  For the last few years we have built on a rule of teamplay and friendship over power gaming and online flaming.  With a core of long standing members and a recent restructure, we are now looking for mature, friendly gamers to register with us with an aim to becoming full community members after a successful initial period of membership.

If you're 18 or over and want to play the way games SHOULD be played (no glitching, boosting, hacking, modding, flaming, spawn trapping - the list goes on) then we are now holding open games nights (doubling as recruitment nights) from 9-10pm as follows every week:


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Tuesday nights:  FGC Bromance Night - Our community coop night for playing all online cooperative games and getting those hard to find acheivements.

Thursday nights:  FGC FPS Shootout - Be it coop or multiplayer vs, all our FPS specialists will be online to raise their k/d.

Friday nights:  FGC Race Night - Burning rubber round the tracks of the world on various racing games

Sunday nights:  FGC in the 3rd Person - Our 3PS nights for gaming "over the shoulder".

FGC are a multi-gaming community and play a whole host of games including:

Forza 3

Colin McRae Dirt


Call of Duty MW2/Black Ops

Op Flash Dragon Rising/Red River

Gears of War 1 & 2

The Halo franchise


Read Dead Redemption


Hawx 2

If YOU want to get involved and are looking to join a mature, friendly but competitive community see below.

Go to www.fusiongamingcommunity.com and register on our forums, making sure you read the Code of Conduct.  If you're happy with that, simply post in the "newly registered members" section and tell us a little about yourself including the games you play.  You'll then receive an FR from either FGC Azrael, FGC Fusion, FGC Surreal or FGC Grimreaper (if BT let him connect!) and you can then expect an invite to the next game night as shown on our calendar.

And yes, I know, it was a good story - there was a lot of info to give out lol.  Any other info you need or to join BEFORE you visit the website, send FGC Azrael an FR to find out more via an FGC party invite.

Great couple of posts there Azrael.

As you say we are looking for mature gamers who like to have a laugh ......the games nights are a blast and its good to play a mixture of games.

We got the co - op night tonight...so if you want to join in a bit of fun on the following games send us a FR and join the FUN

GOW2 horde, Op Flashpoint co-op, Halo Firefight, Splinter Cell, Crackdown 2, LP2, MW2 Spec Ops etc etc.

Depending on what games peps have will sway the game to played

Of course new members are welcome to sign up at the forum and meet the community....you can follow the link below

Can I just say since I first joined fgc its been real fun and the guys are the nicest bunch of people you could ever play xbox live games with so if you fancy glitch free and hacking free gaming then come join us and take part in an ever growing friendly gaming community.

did they also mention they got an officer among the mist too :D i gotta said we play lots of games battlefield anyone oh yes we got every game you can think off if we dont well buy just to play together fancy full lobby of fair play on your fav game just shout and will send ya an invite via live

Just to say, tonight is FGC's FPS Shootout - the majority of us will be playing either Black Ops, MW2 (!) or Halo: Reach.  Hit us up as explained above, and we'll either be co-oping or pvt/public matchmaking til the early hours...