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the other night i was playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with a few friends, gold match/reapers nothing special, when i ended getting killed.... by a husk, how could a husk possibly kill my character? when it grabbed me i spent the next several seconds shaking my controller and getting pissed off that i couldn't shake the husk off... then realized that i wasn't playing on my X1, but thought that i could make a funny upload out of how i died from a husk and started to say "Xbox, record th....", all i heard was laughing in the party chat after that.

this was a defining moment for me for when i realized that i was already accustomed to the X1 and i cannot wait to see what comes next. 

anyone else have one of these moments? 


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"Xbox, turn o... Oh... Yeah..."

*gets up to go turn off Xbox 360*

Hah, funny :P


Any more stories like this, peeps? :P

Yeah ive had a moment like that, Xbox go to youtube..... Xbox go to youtube.....XBOX GO TO... Then i realised i was on the 360, i dont even have a kinect on my 360 lol.

Yeah, I had a few moments playing Gears of War and Resident Evil with friends where I had some cool things happen and I said

"That was an Xbox Record That moment"

I have turned on my TV on more than one occasion were I have been waiting for my Xbox One home screen to come up after saying Xbox on and nothing happens. Only to realise that after plugging out and back in the HDMI cable 5 times that it was on the Xbox 360 channel.