Full screen playback on DVD

How do you get your Full screen DVD to play without the bars on the side?


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What bars? Mine is full screen from the moment the Blu-Ray app opens.

Same issue i have the bars on the side while watching a DVD any way round it

"bars" on the side of a DVD mean the DVD is 4:3 formatted, not anamorphic. If it has bars all around then it's really bad - a letterboxed movie in a 4:3 frame.

I just popped in an anamorphic DVD (Eurotrip). It fills the screen on my TV.

Like icestorm said ,its the format..Has nothing to do with the xbox..You may be able to stretch the picture to fit your screen but that usually looks awful ..Just like having bars on the top and bottom of the screen while watching a blu ray that is shot 16:9 ,you have to just deal with it ..

It says Pan & Scan (Aspect Ratio 1.33.1)

1.33:1 is the same as 4:3. Pan and Scan just means they moved the 4:3 "window" around on the source material so that you get the important bits from the original content (well, as best as they can, anyway).

I wished there was a some sort of zoom or letterbox like on the 360.

Your TV should have zoom,just,H-fill,ect.,ect..