Front light problem?

The xbox logo on the front of both my xbox one and Kinect is very dim? But when powering off it flashes this normal?


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Mine is the same. I think that so that it is not distracting. It doesn't affect anything for me.

It only drew my attention because it was brighter than usual while i was playing fifa, then a few minutes later it was back to being dim. I've played with the power settings, switched it off and it just kept flashing and wasn't doing anything for around 5-8 minutes, so i had to unplug the whole thing.

I've also even the guys with the shredder sounding xbox ones have the bright logo on.


If you are in a brightly lit room the lights will turn brighter on your Kinect & console. If you get a torch and point it at Kinect's camera for about 30 seconds you should see the power lights turn brighter.

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The light on my Kinect is unevenly bright. The left side of the Xbox logo seems to be a little brighter than the right side.

Thanks ever so much for your help guys.

Now I've just got to sweat over the issue of when changing my power saving settings that it wouldn't switch off for a good few minutes while manually trying to with a black screen!!!!

Heh, I was curious about it as well. Glad I found this thread. Sure enough, I open my shades the logo gets bright, I close the shades, it gets dim. That's pretty smart. If you're watching a movie or playing a game at night in a dark room, I could see the logo getting a bit annoying if it's in your field of view.

I play in a dimly lit room and mine are dim. It's kind of nice to see an automatic dimmer based on the amount of light in the room if that's what it is.