From Dust?

 Just wanted to know, im about 3/4 to the end but ive lost 2 villages on one level, would it not count if a reset that level?


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BTW wats this game like

not count  tourds what?

I think he is talking about the chievo for not losing more than 5 villages. If that's what you are after chadders there seems to be some conflicting reports about whether a reset helps or not, some say they have got the chievo at the end by resetting and some say not so all you can do is carry on and see what happens.

@andykod77 It's a very good game imo but may not be for evryone so you are probably best giving the trial a go.

I love sandbox games like this. I love just being able to have a play about. Don't know what counts towards the achievement or not  but get the trial and give it a go.

Yeah downloading it now cheers guys

Cracking game. Purchased it this morning and a few hours of enjoyment!!


Looking forward to playing some more soon.

Finished the campaign mode last night - fantastic game, although I was pulling out what little hair I have left on one level.

Now onto the pesky challenge levels....

the challenge levels actually teach you a few new tricks that can help with the campaign, like creating water chutes to get your villagers around quicker etc, anyway I agree its an amazing game! - anyone else spot the peter molyneux tribute on challenge 7 (xuenylom/molyneux). The challenge had me stumped for a bit too, then I finally twigged it.

From Dust is Fantastic. It's a shame that it's an Arcade game. Would be great as a full retail game but, nonetheless, it's one the best XBLA games I've played. And I heard that in the new update for it, you're allowed to reset and still get the achievement without penalty.

Any word yet on DLC - I know the sales have been massive for ubisoft so things look good