From Dust Inverted Glitch?

I started playin the game an the controls r inverted, in the settings options it let's u turn them inverted, but they already are, an wen u change it it stil don't change it, I want it OFF, Can't play inverted,,!!! Is n e 1 else havin this prob, Where u press up an cam looks down, like flyin a plane controls ??


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You can actually invert the Vertical Axis on your  XBox Default settings.


When "Dark Messiah: Pile Of Crap" came out for the 360 they never thought to allow for the proper control layout as featured in From Dust.


So I had to change my setting on my XBox and it fixed it.


Try that for From Dust and let me know if it works.



ye lol people moan about lil things pathedic really fair enough if the game didnt work but inverted wow simple enough really lol people need grow up lol

its fine otherwise inverted fine i think :) just up is down and down is up wow one lil glitch

oh noes i guess i will get it when its fixed then. thanx for the heads up

ye seems problem but will be patched swn since only just come out hang in there

so little there are 5 posts from 5 different people about it?