From Dust Invert cam Dont work?

I started playin the game an the controls r inverted, in the settings options it let's u turn them inverted, but they already are, an wen u change it it stil don't change it, Is n e 1 else havin this prob, Where u press up an cam looks down, like flyin a plane controls ??


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try restart ur xbox and try again cud be glitch on the xbox side

Can I ask how the game is?

It has some very mixed reviews going on and even some of the better ones seem to complain about the camera and controls.

I'm obviously going to give the demo a go later but would be nice to here some opinions on here.

Its good fun Marknally. Done a few missions and some challenges and its a good game. Physics etc are great and everything works well, camera can be fiddly at times and theres no sandbox mode but other then that its spot on. Challenges seem cool and inventive though struggled on some of the first ones so the laters ones should be fun.

Thank you for the reply, sounds a good game, hopefully be able to give it a blast later today.

This is a fantastic game - although there is no sandbox mode, you can still revisit previous areas which stay just as you left them, and just mess around - just spent 2 hours on the third level playing around with the lava and unintentionally causing massive chaos!

Iv caused chaos on every level so far and i didnt mean any of it.

Picked up the full game earlier, impressed so far, totally different from most things out there and strangely relaxing and frustrating at the same time!!

Its a good game, impressive graphics and superb physics engine, however it's not without it's problems. The camera is rather clunky, the story is rather repetitive imo, And there are bugs.


SPOILERS!!! Was playing wildfire level the fire trees were burning shrubs/grass every few minutes or so, and i lost 2 villages. So i restarted the level. On my second attempt i noticed the fire trees were not burning anything?! when i got to the end of the level, i even planted 2 fire trees right next to one of my villages and nothing.


It is however very addictive, spent around 3hrs playing yesterday and it shot past. Only done 7 or 8 missions, and not even touched the challange mode yet, so for an arcade game its good value for 1200msp.

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try restart ur xbox and try again cud be glitch on the xbox side


I agree with this, also you could check the Xbox defaults, I know you can change settings on the console for preferred cameras when racing, shooting etc, there might be something in there.