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Is there anyway to search and find people in a certain geographical region, age range or similar game interest to get more friends to play on live with. Currently none od my friends have an xbox one. Kind of feeling like a one man wolf pack.


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Play multiplayer than add/follow the people you get along with

How exactly do you add people to just follow and not add them as friend?

I was kind of wondering the same thing I thought if you added as friend you were following or vice versa

You are. The whole friend list is completly messed up on xbox one. I would just start a thread about your interest of certain gms, age, likes and dislikes etc. Bc its not easy to make friends like it used to be bc 90% of ppl dont talk and most of the ones that do shouldn't. Most ppl already have their clicks by now but Im there with you so i understand and my friends have no interest in xbox one unless MS fixes all the common sense problems.

If you add someone you become their follower.


If they add you back you are both on each other's friend list.


"Need For Speed: Rivals" will offer to suggest people who live in your region as friends.


"Call of Duty" will attempt to match you with the best matchup regionally before expanding to place in in a match on a server further afield.


So right now it's really in the hands of the games themselves.


I'm sure the "Friends List" features will improve over time but I can't really complain.  They got the games right after all.



What if I don't want a certain person following me?

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What if I don't want a certain person following me?


Set your status to "Offline" when you log on.


I believe you can block communications but I'm not sure if you can stop someone 'following' you.


Ask XBox Customer Support and tell us what they say.


I'm curious too.



Just go to your list of followers, highlight the person you want to remove & press the menu button. I think there's an option to remove them from there, although I could be mistaken.

Awesome thanks to all. I will start a thread for gamers similar to myself.