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I have a couple things I wish they could improve in a patch. Don't get me wrong, I like Xbox one and I am enjoying it I just wish they could improve things to make it better. For example, when your friends log in it doesn't notify you any more. Why not? With Xbox 360 I could be in game and a notification pops up that friend comes online, then you can quickly invite them to game and get back to playing. On Xbox one you have to consistently keep going to dashboard then friends to see who is online, where as on Xbox 360 it just notified you when they logged in. Just a nice little feature the 360 had that I hope they bring to the Xbox one. Also could you maybe make a feature to browse all games in the game market place like the 360 had. I like the Xbox one, but it just seems like some of the little features that made the 360 so cool have been left out.


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I agree with a lot of this, it might have a better chance if it was in the feedback/wishlist section found here though.

I'm pretty sure the "friend request" notification will pop up in a future update.  As for the "friend online" notification, I'm not so sure.  With the ability to have 1,000 friends (or whatever the cap is), I can see really quickly how annoying it would be when 30 of your friends all sign in at the same time.